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  • The Westin Perth

    A welcome addition to the Perth skyline, the Westin Perth, a Marriott hotel is a new build. It ranks highly on Google with a 4.6/5 rating from 344 reviews. It is a 5 star hotel, offering a fantastic courtyard, Garum bar and hotel, plus many local food and coffee outlets Read more [...]

  • Scarborough Beach / Observation City

    Observation city at Scarborough Beach has just had a complete makeover. Now featuring skateboard ramp, children’s playground, a small rock climbing wall, night markets in Summer, ample choice of restaurants and bars, and, it’s fantastic beach, Scarborough Beach has become a great place for families to visit at night. Just Read more [...]

  • Mercure Hotel Perth

    Located in the heart of Perth city, is this fantastic international hotel brand. The facade looks a little dated, given the construction of so many new high-rise buildings in the city during recent times, however, it’s functional and solid construction means that it’s brand won’t necessarily be damaged with age. Read more [...]